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Online Marketing: Optimizing for Local Search Online Marketi

Google’s local and organic search results are now combined. This elevates the importance of local search for location-based businesses to be on par with organic Denver SEO.

The Fundamentals Haven't Changed.

Effective internet marketing remains anchored by your Website, which should be designed for conversion and optimized, structurally and content-wise, around a Keyword Strategy. The importance and coherence of your efforts outside of your site are increasingly important. As usual, we look at content and architecture.

Content: Clear Market Positioning with Information Consistency

Use consistent information and copy across all Web assets: Exact business name, specific street address, phone number with local area code that connects directly to the business, email address on company domain, keyword-optimized description and relevant categories. If it is relevant to the business and consistent with the overall Web presence, put the product/service keyword and/or the name of the locality in the business title.

A word about the business address: You'll find people who have successfully manipulated the algorithm by using a P.O. box located close to the city center. Google says that this is contrary to the intent of the searcher and they will penalize this practice. You choose where to cast your lot.

Another: If you are still deciding where to locate your business, what to call it and what your Web domain should be, weigh this information heavily. The closer your business address is to the "centroid," or population density center, the better optimized it is for local search. Denver, Colorado's "centroid" is Capitol Hill.

There is a lot more to local optimization, read the rest of this online marketing blog here. Webolutions is a Denver marketing, search engine optimization, web design and development company. If you have questions about anything SEO, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 303-300-2640!

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